Barr Mediation Services, LLC

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Achieving Excellence Together

Barr Mediation Services (BMS) offers Mediation and Arbitration Services as alternatives to litigation. We focus on cost effective solutions for parties to resolve disputes and improve communication. 


To serve parties in a dispute by providing an alternative means for dispute resolution through mediation or arbitration that leads to an amicable settlement agreement.   


We envision peaceful solutions to disputes. We strongly believe the process of mediation and arbitration can be effective to resolve conflict and improve relationships.     


BMS is dedicated to best practices in mediation and arbitration to achieve  resolution for parties in a dispute.


 Core Values 

Collaboration: Act in Good Faith, dedication, and communication

Confidentiality: Keep the process confidential, private, and voluntary  

Integrity: Commitment to building trust, honesty, sound moral, and ethical principles

Neutrality: Demonstrates impartiality, fairness, empathy, and respect for all individuals

Knowledge: Manifest personal growth, learning, and professionalism through research, use of data, and current best practices